Meeting the mark

7 Dec

So today marks one month, or four weeks that I’ve been posting my progress online. I’ve learned so far to not to expect anything, but to always look back on my work from the previous 7 days and be proud knowing I’ve done my best with the baby steps I’ve made. I was talking with a friend today about the wedding and my weight loss and how I’m really playing it cool so far, but I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen 6 months from now. Hopefully I’ll be happy with the progress I’ve made, but I hope I don’t start to freak out and crash diet and every other insane thing I can do to look good in a dress.

I’m more confident now that this change is not only for an event, but my life. I feel good that I’m not rushing into it and not saying “Starting today I will have no carbs and only 2g of sodium”. I know that’s not realistic, and I know that’s not how I’m going to live my life. Does that mean scarf down everything in my sight? No.

I’ve learned from a few of you with your own weight loss wins, the steps you’ve taken to meet your goals. I see Betty’s healthy recipes each week and they look so yummy! I know I can eat good food and still do well! Graceful Skinny is struggling with some health issues, but is managing that and her weight loss at the same time with a ton of..well grace. And fatisnotanoption facing the same issues I’m facing daily, but handling it head on still pressing toward her goal.

So that being said, here are my numbers for this week and a small breakdown of my progress since 4 posts ago.

Stomach 37"

Hips 47 3/4"

Thigh 26"


  Nov 9, 2010 Dec 7, 2010  
Stomach 39.5 37  
Hips 48.25 47.75  
Thigh 26 26 Loss/Gain
  113.75 110.75 -3


So in 4 weeks I’ve lost 3 inches. I’ve yo-yo’d around those same measurements these past couple of weeks, but it look like those are going to stay with me for the next 4 weeks. I can only go down from here!

Thanks for your support Public!


One Response to “Meeting the mark”

  1. thegracefulskinny December 8, 2010 at 11:41 am #

    You are doing such a good job so far! You have done well for your first month! Keep up the great work!

    Thank you for your kind words about me and my blog! They are too kind!

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