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Sore loser at gaining

30 Nov

So I’m feeling okay about this week, considering historically what happens around this time of year I can’t be too upset.

Stomach 37 3/4"

47 3/4" + some 🙂

Thigh 25 1/2"

I didn’t take in my water as I was supposed to this past week. So I’ll try again. See if that helps any. I worked out 5 times last week, and then 2 times so far this week. I probably should go tonight, but I’m feeling so blah and bloated. : / I did a Basic Training class last night and I’m still super sore from that. Definitely looking forward to Kickboxing class tomorrow night.

But why can’t I go tonight?? I guess because my original plan was to go out for a friends birthday celebration tonight, so my brain was already programmed to not go. The celebration was cancelled, so I’ll be saving tons of calories I’m sure!

Knowing me, weeks from now when I’m trying on dresses, I’ll think back to this day and say to myself “I should’ve went to the gym that one night!!”

But for now..I think I have some DVR to catch up on!

See Public, moments like this is when I need one of you here for a good kick in the rear. : /


Charting my way to success..

29 Nov

My wedding dress doesn’t care about my weight. In fact, I really don’t care too much about it.

What matters are the inches! Thus my weekly obsession with the issue. I

My mother is coming into town in a few weeks and she insisted we take advantage and do as much bridal stuff as possible. Sooo I have my first bridal shopping trip on 12/11! How exciting! 🙂 I’ve been looking around at a few designers and I’m still a sucker for Priscilla of Boston, but the one I love is too far out of my budget. : / So I’ve been looking and I found Justin Alexander. Love, love, love this designer! His dresses are gorgeous! I mean, I’m already in love with a few of his designs, and I feel some kind of way about putting the one I love up here before I actually try it on. So just go check his dresses out when you have a chance and I’ll reveal my dress later 🙂

I found a website that has a lot of the dress size charts for a few designers, so right now I’m sitting at an 18 or 20 dress size, depending on the designer. Ok..deep breathe. I’m so glad I researched this before stepping into a salon. I would’ve fallen out for sure, or just cried all over the dress as I tried to pry it on..leaking eyeshadow and mascara on the inside forcing me to pay for a dress I can’t fit that I’ve stained with my tears! Woo sah!

So here is the size chart I’m going to work around the next couple of months..pending the dress looks fantastic on me at the size that I am now because face it…there probably isn’t going to be a vast difference, but I certainly hope to be more toned! I’m teetering between 18 and 20 (ok, I’m dead at 20 lol–I keep forgetting I can’t lie to you guys as you have picture proof!), and hope to be a 12 or 14 by the time I place an order.

Wedding Dress Hopeful!

OR I could go and try the dress on next week and look utterly ridiculous and back to square one!

I’m so anxious!! : /


Black Friday Fat??

26 Nov

Nope, none here! 🙂

The day before Thanksgiving I hit the gym and kickboxed my way to earning one plate of yummy food! Then the day OF Thanksgiving I strode on the elliptical for 30 minutes to earn some cobbler! So I don’t feel bad about anything I ate yesterday, AT ALL. I earned every single bite! I didn’t even have 2nds!!!…almost! 🙂 My cousin was in town and in the midst of Black Friday chaos I took her to the outlet mall at midnight, dropped her off, went back home and had to do something while I was waiting 🙂 I did have a 2nd helping of stuffing and cranberry sauce. Yummylicious!!

Yesterday was our 1st Thanksgiving celeb in the new house, and we had friends over which was so much fun! I have to say that helps a ton with the dinner since our friends consumed most of the food and left little for leftovers. Must be an indication of how good the food was! 🙂

I hope you all had an amazing holiday and stayed on track with your fitness goal at the same time.

Anyone have any Black Friday war stories to tell??

Expecting the Expected

23 Nov

So given my food follies, and fatty food fall outs, I’m not too shocked there isn’t much to report this week! 🙂 But I’m not as disappointed as I thought. Again, the trick will be to maintain or even lose over this weekend (fingers crossed, lips sealed!)

Stomach 37 1/4"

Hips 47 1/2"

Thighs 25 1/2"

So I gained a bit on my tummy, lost 1/4″ on my hips, and almost an inch off my thighs. Not too flabby if I say so myself. I know I need to increase my water intake, so I vow to my blog that I’ll try that this week and we’ll see how that goes. I really want to thank everyone who stops by to show support. I appreciate all your kinds words and advice, and definitely am glad you guys are on my team! This is my journey, but since I’ve made it Public, I know it’s the best decision I could’ve made!

But I went ahead and jogged tonight instead of going to the gym. ..Then I was quickly reminded why I need to be in a closed room to exercise. As much as I HATE the gym (I’m ADHD, so I get bored veryyy easily) it sure beats going for a run and sneezing the whole night through! I’ll be back up at the gym tomorrow. But what are some things you guys have done to beat the bored at the gym blues??? It’s only been about a month for me for goodness sakes! How am I going to make it the rest of my life?? lol

Thanks Public!

For better lack of….

23 Nov

There’s got to be some sort of correlation between sleep and weight loss.

I’m so nervous about my measure-in tomorrow, that I can’t sleep! 🙂 No I really don’t know why sometimes I don’t sleep. Maybe it’s to stay up and post on my blog! It’s half past midnight and the hubby to be is in bed.

So I think I’ll join him now.

Good night public!