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24 Jan

We finally picked our honeymoon destination!! After much debate, and price comparisons we have settled on….

Super sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!

It’s really a great deal to get there and the hotels are not too pricey. We can find a lot of hotels with all inclusive deals so that’s a bonus. We’re still debating on going to an adult only location, or one that does not have an adult only policy. The place has everything we both want in a honeymoon: beaches, yummy food, and the most beautiful landscapes..for cheap! Granted, there has been some talk about just how safe Mexico is these days, but I’ve had several coworkers go and safely return these past couple of weeks (well…I’m not sure where one of them is…lol) so I’m pretty confident in our safety in the city. Just plan on not straying too far from the hotel at night.

Can’t wait to kick back and throw back some authentic margaritas! Oh! And let’s hope I won’t have to hit the beach with a moo moo! šŸ™‚ Where did some of you go, or thinking about going for your honeymoon? As you know I’m a very indecisive bride, so take everything I said here with a grain of salt…it could all change šŸ˜‰

Love ya Public!


Wedding Day-mares!!

9 Jan


They have begun.

The freakish, hellish, tossing turning, animated images in your brain that so slickly enter into your dreams and disappear as soon as your eyes open. Not this time though. I remember almost every detail.

The dream begins at my reception. Everything looks blurry around us, but it must be in place because I’m with my groom and we’re having a great time. We have a weird 1st dance, then we go to the back of the room for a seat. Then it hits me. Where is the photographer? I haven’t snapped one photo, and my makeup is already started to ruin. I go to my mom and ask: The photographer has been there for more than an hour. What?? He hasn’t come to me once! We track him down to take a photo, and all of a sudden I have on my glasses. I take off my glasses to snap a photo, and my makeup is ruined on the bridge of my nose. No worries, can be corrected by smudging. The photographer has a gang of three friends and they are stumbling around with a large spotlight trying to focus on me to snap one photo. As I smile to take the picture, something out the corner of my eye takes my attention.

My grooms shoes: They are ho-rr-i-ble. They’re like black Converse remixed with Keds. A perfectly suitable pair of shoes are within his reach, but when I ask about those, he shouts “They don’t match!” then throws them across the room. O.k. Fine. Then I look on his left hand. No ring. O.M.G. I never got his wedding band! It’s his wedding day, and he has no wedding band. I never got him one!! Ok, so no wedding band photos, what else could go wrong?

I move on and walk around to greet guests. That’s when I see my friends. Ah, my friends were able to travel 5 hours and share in this day. How fantastic! As I approach, I see the tears in their eyes. Ah, that’s expected! I mean, I’m sure I look pretty darn gorgeous and they just can’t stand it. Yes, it’s me guys. It’s really me! šŸ™‚ One of my closest friends take me by the hands, (by this time her tears are a bit excessive, and I’m starting to think she is pouring it on) and takes me to the bathroom. I follow.

We enter the restroom and she stammers through her tears and makes out “Your..dress”. I’m like…what?? She turns me and I look behind myself into the mirror..and see that my dress is torn at the waist…exposing BOTH buttocks!!

Then I awake.

Just 305 more days of this left Public.

Home for the holidays

26 Dec

I’m home for the holidays and though it is good to see family, I’m ready to get back to my own home! : )

I did work out…did two miles on the treadmill. I would call it intervals but I ran for about 45 seconds and walked the other 44 minutes : / something is better than nothing! I really did quite alright as far as indulging is concerned. Partly because I spent the holiday at my in laws, but that’s another story : )

I’m surprised my family and IĀ  talked more about wedding planning on my drive home than when I was there! I’m such an indecisive bride!! We technically have a venue…but now I’m 2nd guessing if I should switch locations. Is this normal?? : / So right now I’m antsy to get home to research more venues or just leave well enough alone.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I’ve got one more day of company paid vacation, so I’m going to milk it and not get out of bed until my basic training class (if that) : )

Anyone have and good holiday stories they want to share?

Selection of the Bridal Slaves

20 Dec

So I’m feeling good about working out and eating right again! šŸ™‚ I’ve done okay this week and stayed on track with my working out, so there will be a post tomorrow! I won’t deny a post again. It’s wrong and this blog is about the ups and downs and not just the ups.

But yesterday I had so much fun with my new bridal party! I had tons of fruit and some chicken wings (which I only had two wings and lots of fruit!). I invited some friends over and watched some trash TV. (VH1 Sunday nights, need I say more?) And they were bombarding me with wedding planning questions and especially about my dress! I let them down that I can’t show them my gown just yet, but they’re pretty confident that I can’t hold water, so they just know I’m going to seep before the year is out! …I’m going to try my hardest not to..but I can’t promise anything!

Since my colors are dark blue, black and white I went out and tried to find cute little dark blue trinkets for the girls. I got that done in one trip to Bath & Body Works. I also found these cute little bottles of Moscato Asti that were just perfect!! I laid out the gifts on my bar, so I’m sure that sparked their curiosity the whole time! It was a long road for me to decide to have a bridal party, but at this point, I’m excited I did! It’s making the whole wedding experience more real and lots of fun. I still don’t want to lose track of the day being about me and my honey, but it’s even better when it’s shared with family and friends who support our relationship.

Take a look at the spread! Public, did you have a bridal party? Why or why not?

I Said YES!!!

12 Dec

So yesterday was the big day. I tried on some wedding gowns! I have to say, the experience wasn’t as horrific as I would’ve imagined it! I went in knowing the gown I wanted to try on. I selected four other gowns to try on (even though they didn’t stand a chance) and saved my #1 choice, for last. I was able to successfully step into most of the gowns, but those with a shorter zipper, I had to pull over my head because of my wide hips.

The first few gowns were so-so, but I have to say I completely adore silk taffeta. It is such a classy and luxurious fabric! I’m only 5’5″, so the one shoulder gown was too much for my short frame and kind of overtook me. The best gowns were the sleeveless. When we first walked in the salon my dress to be was on the mannequin, and it was instant love šŸ™‚

My mother, father, and little brother (14 years) came along. We were greeted by a very nice and fun consultant (thank goodness!) and started to look through their selections. At this point, my dad and brother left! I think they drove around and found a Target or something : / Fast forward to my dress: All I can say is that it is the Justin Alexander gown I’ve been eyeing online for a few weeks now. My brother and dad reemerged just in time to see me in the gown and to give their thumbs up. We even chose a veil, so that’s another thing crossed off the list. I can’t believe I have 11 more months to dream about that dress every night until I can actually wear it!!

The best thing about the gown is I look and feel great in it NOW! If I lost a few pounds I would look even more amazing, but it was important to find something I am completely comfortable and confident in now, just worse case scenario. The dress is perfect, fun and gives me an incredible waist!! There are pearls and bling in the right places! Ah, I’m in love again!! : ) I haven’t ordered the gown just yet, but I scheduled an appointment for March 5th of next year so that I can order the gown in whatever size I am then. I started off by telling the consultant “You may or may not have heard this before, but can I not order the size yet??” Then we shared a laugh over how rich she would be if she got a dollar for every bride who did the same thing!!

Of course I can’t post pics of the gown just yet, but stay tuned Public! I will host my unveil shortly! : ) Of course, if you want to take a stab at which one it is, just post the link in a comment below. I’m in the holiday mood and just may send an eGift card to the winner! : )