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Just the beginning…

21 Sep

You guessed it..another blog about another bride trying to lose weight to fit into her “dream dress”!

I’m probably more sick of the cliche than most, but I’ll go ahead and jump on this bandwagon while its rolling. Yes, I’m a new bride (Yayy!!), Yes, I’m trying to lose weight, yes to all the above and more….but no…I don’t have a dream dress, yet.

: )

You must be thinking of how complex and deep-seated of a person I must be  to start this journey because someone asked me one question that will change my life forever…not “Don’t you care about your health?”, or “Aren’t you concerned about diabetes or coronary diseases?” but the one every (almost) girl imagines to hear one day: “Will you marry me?”. I know, I know, I must say I am even shocked with myself.

One thing is for sure, this will be a very grueling, grinding, and well um, downright graphic process! Not only will I journey this process in arial font (sometimes Veranda depending on the day I’m having) but, for your viewing, and entertainment purposes, I’ll also photo-log my process along the way.

Oh yea, I have a tendency to not finish a lot of things I start. So keep me on track! Comment on a posts if I haven’t been on here in a while. Shout words of well-wishing, encouragement, and ridicule if you like.

I need all the motivation I can get.