Cutting it out – literally

6 Dec

“The Swan” is reborn and this time instead of people born with slight to serious physical disfigurements, it’s newly engaged women who instead of nurturing their new relationship, engage in challenges to  win plastic surgery off of their body wish list.


I’ve never been more appalled. What is this obsession we have with our appearance? Granted, there are people who get these surgeries every day, but one contestant didn’t even have her engagement ring any longer because she pawned it to pay her car note! These are the type of women on the show. The ironic thing was, all the other contestants looked down on her for this move. Really?? I’m sure if there was a challenge to win a new engagement ring, they would all do it, instead of cherishing whatever it is there fiance could afford to provide them at the time. They are already leaving their lives for weeks at a time for a chance to get liposuction, botox, or fix the little bump on their nose (that no one even notices)! These women want change, by any means necessary. Pure, physical change. They want to fix that something here, or that bothersome thing there on their body or face. The same body and face their fiance’s looked at for probably years and still said, I want to spend the rest of my life with this person. I really wonder how they feel about them joining the show.

I too have fallen victim with this body image obsession. Sure, I’m going about it a different way, but does that make it any better? If I were offered a way to get free liposuction–would I? (hmm :)) Every week, I post my measurements on this blog and every Tuesday, I have anxiety over what that photo will look like or what the tape is going to read. Have I changed much about my day-to-day life? …not really. I workout a ton more than I have before, and I’m trying to make better food decisions..really I am. 🙂 I know I have a goal, and I know I’m not going to reach it overnight. Will I kill myself if I don’t make my goal, I mean, that’s a bit drastic so of course not. Will I pay the photographer to photoshop that extra bit of skin under my chin…YES!!! (kidding..but hmm. That is an idea!)

Maybe I’m being to harsh…what do you think Public?? Have you seen this show? Do you think it’s okay to use cosmetic surgery to achieve your weight loss goals?

Answer me so I can stop these 2 1 questions running rampant in my mind! 🙂


One Response to “Cutting it out – literally”

  1. thegracefulskinny December 7, 2010 at 10:42 am #

    No I don’t because a cosmetic solution only covers up the real issues. It does nothing to fix the the issues at the heart of the matter. You aren’t changing your eating habits. You aren’t addressing the emotional issues. It’s just running away from the problem. Eventually, the real issue will come back to get you.

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