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For real this time.

9 Jul

Wow! It’s been a while since I have posted!

I haven’t been active online, but I’ve still been going through ups and downs with my weight loss journey. I’ve tried a few diets, considered a few quick fixes, and held my index finger over the “buy” button of a few tempting Groupon lipo deals.

But alas, I have stuck to my au natural route and have not strayed 🙂 I started on the Fat Smash Diet a few months ago and actually saw some lbs drop which was a miracle b/c even back in December when I worked out, I didn’t lose any lbs, just inches.

Now I realize the importance of diet and how critical it is to health and weight loss. I’m at 185 lbs now and I haven’t been in this bracket since last March of 2010. My goal is to be at least 160 by November, but I realize I need to amp up my exercise and consistent with my diet.

The Fat Smash introduced me to eating fresh foods and it’s crazy to see our freezer is practically empty but our fruits and veggies are packing up the fridge. I haven’t been totally consistent, I’ve binged a few times–done some traveling with my job which means oodles of free eats I just can’t refuse.

It’s been SUCH a long and arduous task, but I look forward to updating you on the status the next few weeks 🙂 Just looking at my last post lets me know how far I’ve come. I’ve lost an additional two inches from my waist and one from my hips. I know if I were consistent it would be much more. But of course…..

Here we go again!!



5 Feb

So quite some time has past since I’ve last posted!! Things are psycho at work and this weather has been very creative. Last week it was 70 degrees, this week, my city is hosting the Super Bowl and the city has pretty much been shut down all week! No school, rolling blackouts, and below freezing weather. Guess it goes without saying I’ve been under a blanket about all week and not moved much!

I do promise to be back on Tuesday with the latest results and this week of inactivity really scares me to post..but it must be done! 🙂

Chao Public!

Up and at em

21 Jan

I’m finally at the gym as I type finally woking out guys! I loaded up my iPod and put on my sneakers to head out. Feels good to be here and I’m actually walking and texting successfully…on the treadmill lol!

A great iPod list def helps, so I’m just curious to ask you Public, what are some of your fav workout songs? What gets you motivated to move?

In a slump

17 Jan

Today marks what..day 5 of no gym : /

I haven’t been since last Wednesday, but I haven’t been pigging out either. It’s been cold, and I’ve been lazy..what can I say? Oh, did I mention I still have that 5k this Sunday. So sure I’m going to be prepared! Ah..my fiance is on his way to the gym straight from work. Maybe that’s what I should start doing..going straight from work instead of coming home first to change. That’s always a bad idea but its worked so far. Then again, I got a new phone today and I’m a nerd so that’s pretty exciting for me right now. Plus I’ve started playing “Angry Birds” and ummm, I’m really addicted. I think I’ve played at least 10 hours on it so far…since Saturday..night. The worst part is, I don’t want to sell my old phone yet, b/c I got so far in Angry Birds!

Just lame.

Yea, I have plenty excuses for not going to the gym this past..week. But I’m pretty sure I’ll feel even worse come tomorrow. Measuring no matter what. I have to say my portion control and food choices have improved this past week, so it may not be so bad.

We shall see…

The way The Game is played

11 Jan

I absolutely have to dedicate this status post to the premiere of my most favorite show possibly ever! The Game!

It’s coming back on tonight and I had to hold off on my gym night just to catch some re-runs and get ready for the premiere. Sure the show starts at 9 p.m. CST, and my Turbo Kickboxing class is well…now. But heck! I’ve got to get ready to watch the show and laugh along with my friends Facebook posts. Have any of you ever watched the show? It used to come on the CW but was cancelled, but resurrected now by BET because of public demand. As much as I abhor BET, it will get my undivided attention every Tuesday night for the next 6 – 8 weeks. Amazing what people can accomplish when they rally together..even bring back TV shows! I remember eSigning the petition to bring the show back, but never thought anything would come of it. Anyway, it’s a fictional show about football wives/girlfriends/mothers. It’s the original…not the trashy version you see on VH1 (even though I do love to indulge in that one too :))

Anywho…on to this weeks results!

Stomach 36 1/4"

Hips 46 1/2"

Thigh 25 1/4"

I’m going to attribute my stomach inches to the Panda Express I had at lunch today : / I know, it was terrible choice, but so tasty! 🙂 I could’ve sworn I measured myself on Sunday and was down to like 35″..but I’m sure I’ll get there next week with my dedication this week (sans tonight haha). I’m starting to lose my hips a bit faster and my thighs are steady on. Sorry for the deodorant marks on my shirt — I find the smallest one I can squeeze into to get the most accurate measurements 🙂

Here’s to a great week Public! Let me know how you’re doing with your own journey, and if you happen to tune into to The Game tonight, let’s swap highlights! 🙂