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Coupons for Cosmetic Surgery

6 Mar

I love a great deal! Especially when its something I’m in the market for, and not just anything I walk by and see a red sticker on and feel I have to grab. I like a deal thats timely and relevant, that’s why I subscribe to a daily deal service that sends me coupons on deals around my city. A majority of them are for food, but I think I’m past the Try Something New = New Place to Stuff My Face, so a majority of them are hugely ignored.

Until I got one I couldn’t help but not delete and let linger in my inbox for a few hours. There is a new procedure that is non invasive and laser beams all the fat cells from your body. It’s like having your own personal Scotty who will beam up your fat into oblivion. I was intrigued. I believe the procedure is typically a few sessions and they were offering one session for under $100 with a guarantee to permanently lose 1-2 inches. For anyone who watches Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim had this procedure done in the comfort of her home…all while chomping down a slice of pizza.

So I’m doing this thing now where I consult with my fiance on all major decisions and purchases. I guess it’s like a partnership..no one makes a deal without clueing in the other. πŸ™‚ I’m like, hey, there is this great deal and what would otherwise cost you (notice the “You”) a fortune is only going to cost you a fraction of that if we buy within the next 21 hours! Yayy!!

I had a much warmer reception. He wasn’t as excited as I was, and ultimately the e-mail (and FABULOUS deal) was deleted from my inbox.

Since I’m an avid shopper I know a great deal like that comes around more than once. I just hope that next time for me, the deal is on!


To the extreme

30 Dec

Mostly everything we do in American society is to the extreme. Extreme sports, shopping, eating, studying, innovating, inventing..oh wait. I must’ve been talking about another country on the last three. But nonetheless, we get pretty OCD about some of the most ridiculous things.

The latest: Couponing.

Saving money is NEVER a bad thing, but this “stockpile” thing…is ridiculous! Β Last night on TLC, they debuted a new show sharing the stories of people addicted to “couponing”. Granted, I learned a few things about how to save money at the grocer, but I just couldn’t get with the mini-grocery stores (what they call, stockpiles) they were building in their own houses. Only one of the people featured on the show mentioned he donated food to his church’s food bank, but the others just stored it as a personal collection of glory.

It is a gift and truly amazing they can save that much money and get that much product, but with people starving all over the nation, perhaps they can share those gifts with those less fortunate? I know, I know, every time someone gets something in excess or of value, we immediately uphold them to some socially moral standard that everyday people without a camera focused on them may or may not follow.

But, geez! A two-car garage is intended for…two cars. And a bedroom is intended to hold beds! The last thing I’d expect to find in either of these places is 1,200 bars of soap, 3,000 rolls of tissue and enough shampoo to the wash the heads of everyone who attended the last presidential inauguration. But we’re American, and we have the freedom to do with what we have, whatever it is we want to do. πŸ™‚

The way I look at it, almost everything we do can be viewed as extreme when you open it up to the scrutiny of others. These blogs are a good example. What we view as a source of encouragement, may be obssesive, and extreme to others.

All in all, whatever works for you, do it! You just never know how you’ll help others out by sharing your story. I may not agree with every thing these shopaholics do, but I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for the next circular. πŸ™‚