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For real this time.

9 Jul

Wow! It’s been a while since I have posted!

I haven’t been active online, but I’ve still been going through ups and downs with my weight loss journey. I’ve tried a few diets, considered a few quick fixes, and held my index finger over the “buy” button of a few tempting Groupon lipo deals.

But alas, I have stuck to my au natural route and have not strayed 🙂 I started on the Fat Smash Diet a few months ago and actually saw some lbs drop which was a miracle b/c even back in December when I worked out, I didn’t lose any lbs, just inches.

Now I realize the importance of diet and how critical it is to health and weight loss. I’m at 185 lbs now and I haven’t been in this bracket since last March of 2010. My goal is to be at least 160 by November, but I realize I need to amp up my exercise and consistent with my diet.

The Fat Smash introduced me to eating fresh foods and it’s crazy to see our freezer is practically empty but our fruits and veggies are packing up the fridge. I haven’t been totally consistent, I’ve binged a few times–done some traveling with my job which means oodles of free eats I just can’t refuse.

It’s been SUCH a long and arduous task, but I look forward to updating you on the status the next few weeks 🙂 Just looking at my last post lets me know how far I’ve come. I’ve lost an additional two inches from my waist and one from my hips. I know if I were consistent it would be much more. But of course…..

Here we go again!!


Tick Tock Tuesdays

1 Mar

Well hellooooo there Public!

Hope I haven’t been gone too long, sure feels like it! A million things have gone on including being out of town all last week so that’s why no posts but I’m back and here to post my weekly results! I still get measured for my dress this Saturday and I have vowed to not act a damn fool when they tell me what size I need to order. After all, I go back in June for another fitting, so I’m thinking of that as a second chance to maybe really seriously get serious this time? I know what you’re interested in so here goes!:

Stomach 36"

Hips 46"

Thigh 25"

So there it is! Don’t mind my nails, I swear I painted the things on Sunday and after I showered on Monday they were halfway nicked off. It’s just been downhill from there with those nails.

It’s been insane what’s been going on. I still haven’t kicked up my workouts, but I’ve been eating better. Mostly because after last weeks out of town trip I indulged. I mean, I did in-dulge. It was on the companies dime, and there was room service 🙂 So about this app, I entered in my weight and how much I want to lose and then it calculates a plan for me based on that. I have a set number of calories each day and I try my best not to go over. So far, I’ve been over one day, and 400 calories under another, so it kind of evens out (??) I’m set up to lose 1 lb a week. We’ll see how it goes! My fiance is threatening to cancel my gym membership if I don’t get active again. I don’t respond well to threats 🙂

Anywho, I’m more interested in what you guys have been up to, so I’m going to spend some time surfing around to my favorite blogs. I need to figure out how to get a blogroll on here so I can shout some of you out, but I haven’t found it on my widgets menu. Anyone else have this theme and know how to do it?

Who does this??

25 Jan

Before I post my mediocre stats for the week, I will start off by saying I am STILL SORE from the 5k I ran on Sunday. First of all, I woke up at 6 a.m. ON A SUNDAY to participate in this activity. So I feel I have a few “you can’t judge me” days I can roll on for now. I ran the first 1.6 miles nonstop, then did some interval running. I completed the race in about 43 minutes, but official times haven’t been posted yet. You can bet when they do, I will share them here!

So on to the results:

Stomach 36"

46 3/4"

Thigh 25 1/2"

So my thighs and butt have decided to expand this week. But I’m going to account that to muscle gain from the race. haha. You’d think I’d get tired of these less than stellar photo results, but I think I’m starting to get used to it, and well. THAT IS NOT OKAY!

The worst part of it is, and this goes to my post title, you tell me who runs a blog diary of their weight loss efforts, takes photos and measurements in skin tight clothing, uploads the photos, and just before sitting down to type a post..runs downstairs to make a small coffee cup of caramel ice cream with caramel swirls and little itty bitty chocolate cups filled with even more caramel!

For shame!

Ugh…what’s next Public??

Jumping into it

18 Jan

I feel like I need a “re-do”. Where is the motivation I had a few weeks ago?? I told you guys when I started this blog, I would have some days like this. Nicely enough, this blog is the only thing I have to remind me that I need to keep it up and exercise (that and my fiance reminding we just paid the gym bill..so use it!) Every time I post, I’m like..oh yea..this is supposed to be about health, fitness, my wedding…and working out. So am I doing any of those things?? Well I don’t have any chronic illnesses (yet) so I’m okay on the health front, I’m in better shape then when I started this blog, but having been consistently improving my fitness, my mom is planning my wedding, and umm yea. We all know how the last part goes. I mean, I have lost weight. Definitely have lost about 6 inches since I’ve started so that’s progress!

But could I be doing better? I feel like I’m really starting to half ass and the most I’m doing about it is typing : / I do know I will work out at some point this week because I have the 5k on Sunday.

So on to my results since I’ve drowned you in my excuses for Tuesday, Jan 18th. Come back tomorrow..I’ll be sure to have more 🙂

(20 minutes later)

I’m trying to upload my pictures and I’m having some serious issues. See for yourself.

Stomach 36"

Hips 46 and a smidge"

Thighs 25"

Le sigh.

I just got the new iPhone 4 because my job is on the AT&T network. I’m convinced this phone is utter ridiculous foolishness. Turns out, if I turn the camera to take a photo, then eMail it –it turns the photos upside down!! How IMPRACTICAL and FOOLISH is this? I’ve only had this phone a day and I am utterly disgusted with it so far. Granted, I’m coming from owning the HTC EVO, which had its bugs, but was so intuitive I swear it could read my mind at times.

This post just turned a whole new direction. woo sah!! Hopefully I’ll work that kink out and figure how to not get them to eMail upside down : / I even opened the files in an editor and save them right side up, and it’s still upside down. Utter.foolishness. I wanted to go ahead and post the pics so the Public wouldn’t think I botched the results just b/c I haven’t worked out in a week.

So there you have it Public. I swear I’ll jump back into it soon 🙂

In a slump

17 Jan

Today marks what..day 5 of no gym : /

I haven’t been since last Wednesday, but I haven’t been pigging out either. It’s been cold, and I’ve been lazy..what can I say? Oh, did I mention I still have that 5k this Sunday. So sure I’m going to be prepared! Ah..my fiance is on his way to the gym straight from work. Maybe that’s what I should start doing..going straight from work instead of coming home first to change. That’s always a bad idea but its worked so far. Then again, I got a new phone today and I’m a nerd so that’s pretty exciting for me right now. Plus I’ve started playing “Angry Birds” and ummm, I’m really addicted. I think I’ve played at least 10 hours on it so far…since Saturday..night. The worst part is, I don’t want to sell my old phone yet, b/c I got so far in Angry Birds!

Just lame.

Yea, I have plenty excuses for not going to the gym this past..week. But I’m pretty sure I’ll feel even worse come tomorrow. Measuring no matter what. I have to say my portion control and food choices have improved this past week, so it may not be so bad.

We shall see…