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The way The Game is played

11 Jan

I absolutely have to dedicate this status post to the premiere of my most favorite show possibly ever! The Game!

It’s coming back on tonight and I had to hold off on my gym night just to catch some re-runs and get ready for the premiere. Sure the show starts at 9 p.m. CST, and my Turbo Kickboxing class is well…now. But heck! I’ve got to get ready to watch the show and laugh along with my friends Facebook posts. Have any of you ever watched the show? It used to come on the CW but was cancelled, but resurrected now by BET because of public demand. As much as I abhor BET, it will get my undivided attention every Tuesday night for the next 6 – 8 weeks. Amazing what people can accomplish when they rally together..even bring back TV shows! I remember eSigning the petition to bring the show back, but never thought anything would come of it. Anyway, it’s a fictional show about football wives/girlfriends/mothers. It’s the original…not the trashy version you see on VH1 (even though I do love to indulge in that one too :))

Anywho…on to this weeks results!

Stomach 36 1/4"

Hips 46 1/2"

Thigh 25 1/4"

I’m going to attribute my stomach inches to the Panda Express I had at lunch today : / I know, it was terrible choice, but so tasty! 🙂 I could’ve sworn I measured myself on Sunday and was down to like 35″..but I’m sure I’ll get there next week with my dedication this week (sans tonight haha). I’m starting to lose my hips a bit faster and my thighs are steady on. Sorry for the deodorant marks on my shirt — I find the smallest one I can squeeze into to get the most accurate measurements 🙂

Here’s to a great week Public! Let me know how you’re doing with your own journey, and if you happen to tune into to The Game tonight, let’s swap highlights! 🙂