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Tick Tock Tuesdays

1 Mar

Well hellooooo there Public!

Hope I haven’t been gone too long, sure feels like it! A million things have gone on including being out of town all last week so that’s why no posts but I’m back and here to post my weekly results! I still get measured for my dress this Saturday and I have vowed to not act a damn fool when they tell me what size I need to order. After all, I go back in June for another fitting, so I’m thinking of that as a second chance to maybe really seriously get serious this time? I know what you’re interested in so here goes!:

Stomach 36"

Hips 46"

Thigh 25"

So there it is! Don’t mind my nails, I swear I painted the things on Sunday and after I showered on Monday they were halfway nicked off. It’s just been downhill from there with those nails.

It’s been insane what’s been going on. I still haven’t kicked up my workouts, but I’ve been eating better. Mostly because after last weeks out of town trip I indulged. I mean, I did in-dulge. It was on the companies dime, and there was room service 🙂 So about this app, I entered in my weight and how much I want to lose and then it calculates a plan for me based on that. I have a set number of calories each day and I try my best not to go over. So far, I’ve been over one day, and 400 calories under another, so it kind of evens out (??) I’m set up to lose 1 lb a week. We’ll see how it goes! My fiance is threatening to cancel my gym membership if I don’t get active again. I don’t respond well to threats 🙂

Anywho, I’m more interested in what you guys have been up to, so I’m going to spend some time surfing around to my favorite blogs. I need to figure out how to get a blogroll on here so I can shout some of you out, but I haven’t found it on my widgets menu. Anyone else have this theme and know how to do it?


Today, I got anxious

15 Feb

Not because of the stress of the wedding, or the fact I don’t have a direct supervisor anymore and tons of work projects are in limbo, I got anxious when I saw the 5-day forecast. High 70s all week. Public, it’s starting to warm up around these parts.

Yes, it’s an awesome time given the storm we endured last week but it’s also a reminder that boots and heavy jackets will get packed up for another 7 or so months, and the tanks and shorts will arise again.

Ah, there has been a change in my mood lately and it’s noticeable to those close around me. The reality of the wedding being 8 months away, and getting sized in less than a month is really starting to hit home. YES! I said this journey isn’t about an event or a dress BUT darn it, I’m starting to feel the pressure!! (This is the part where someone hands me a paper bag and tells me to “Just breathe”!)

Besides NOT working out for the last few days, I guess my strategy is going to be to pout and stress the weight off as I’m not really asserting any other alternatives here people!!!

Woo sah! 🙂


24 Jan

We finally picked our honeymoon destination!! After much debate, and price comparisons we have settled on….

Super sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!!

It’s really a great deal to get there and the hotels are not too pricey. We can find a lot of hotels with all inclusive deals so that’s a bonus. We’re still debating on going to an adult only location, or one that does not have an adult only policy. The place has everything we both want in a honeymoon: beaches, yummy food, and the most beautiful landscapes..for cheap! Granted, there has been some talk about just how safe Mexico is these days, but I’ve had several coworkers go and safely return these past couple of weeks (well…I’m not sure where one of them is…lol) so I’m pretty confident in our safety in the city. Just plan on not straying too far from the hotel at night.

Can’t wait to kick back and throw back some authentic margaritas! Oh! And let’s hope I won’t have to hit the beach with a moo moo! 🙂 Where did some of you go, or thinking about going for your honeymoon? As you know I’m a very indecisive bride, so take everything I said here with a grain of salt…it could all change 😉

Love ya Public!

Wedding Day-mares!!

9 Jan


They have begun.

The freakish, hellish, tossing turning, animated images in your brain that so slickly enter into your dreams and disappear as soon as your eyes open. Not this time though. I remember almost every detail.

The dream begins at my reception. Everything looks blurry around us, but it must be in place because I’m with my groom and we’re having a great time. We have a weird 1st dance, then we go to the back of the room for a seat. Then it hits me. Where is the photographer? I haven’t snapped one photo, and my makeup is already started to ruin. I go to my mom and ask: The photographer has been there for more than an hour. What?? He hasn’t come to me once! We track him down to take a photo, and all of a sudden I have on my glasses. I take off my glasses to snap a photo, and my makeup is ruined on the bridge of my nose. No worries, can be corrected by smudging. The photographer has a gang of three friends and they are stumbling around with a large spotlight trying to focus on me to snap one photo. As I smile to take the picture, something out the corner of my eye takes my attention.

My grooms shoes: They are ho-rr-i-ble. They’re like black Converse remixed with Keds. A perfectly suitable pair of shoes are within his reach, but when I ask about those, he shouts “They don’t match!” then throws them across the room. O.k. Fine. Then I look on his left hand. No ring. O.M.G. I never got his wedding band! It’s his wedding day, and he has no wedding band. I never got him one!! Ok, so no wedding band photos, what else could go wrong?

I move on and walk around to greet guests. That’s when I see my friends. Ah, my friends were able to travel 5 hours and share in this day. How fantastic! As I approach, I see the tears in their eyes. Ah, that’s expected! I mean, I’m sure I look pretty darn gorgeous and they just can’t stand it. Yes, it’s me guys. It’s really me! 🙂 One of my closest friends take me by the hands, (by this time her tears are a bit excessive, and I’m starting to think she is pouring it on) and takes me to the bathroom. I follow.

We enter the restroom and she stammers through her tears and makes out “Your..dress”. I’m like…what?? She turns me and I look behind myself into the mirror..and see that my dress is torn at the waist…exposing BOTH buttocks!!

Then I awake.

Just 305 more days of this left Public.

Charting my way to success..

29 Nov

My wedding dress doesn’t care about my weight. In fact, I really don’t care too much about it.

What matters are the inches! Thus my weekly obsession with the issue. I

My mother is coming into town in a few weeks and she insisted we take advantage and do as much bridal stuff as possible. Sooo I have my first bridal shopping trip on 12/11! How exciting! 🙂 I’ve been looking around at a few designers and I’m still a sucker for Priscilla of Boston, but the one I love is too far out of my budget. : / So I’ve been looking and I found Justin Alexander. Love, love, love this designer! His dresses are gorgeous! I mean, I’m already in love with a few of his designs, and I feel some kind of way about putting the one I love up here before I actually try it on. So just go check his dresses out when you have a chance and I’ll reveal my dress later 🙂

I found a website that has a lot of the dress size charts for a few designers, so right now I’m sitting at an 18 or 20 dress size, depending on the designer. Ok..deep breathe. I’m so glad I researched this before stepping into a salon. I would’ve fallen out for sure, or just cried all over the dress as I tried to pry it on..leaking eyeshadow and mascara on the inside forcing me to pay for a dress I can’t fit that I’ve stained with my tears! Woo sah!

So here is the size chart I’m going to work around the next couple of months..pending the dress looks fantastic on me at the size that I am now because face it…there probably isn’t going to be a vast difference, but I certainly hope to be more toned! I’m teetering between 18 and 20 (ok, I’m dead at 20 lol–I keep forgetting I can’t lie to you guys as you have picture proof!), and hope to be a 12 or 14 by the time I place an order.

Wedding Dress Hopeful!

OR I could go and try the dress on next week and look utterly ridiculous and back to square one!

I’m so anxious!! : /