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Coupons for Cosmetic Surgery

6 Mar

I love a great deal! Especially when its something I’m in the market for, and not just anything I walk by and see a red sticker on and feel I have to grab. I like a deal thats timely and relevant, that’s why I subscribe to a daily deal service that sends me coupons on deals around my city. A majority of them are for food, but I think I’m past the Try Something New = New Place to Stuff My Face, so a majority of them are hugely ignored.

Until I got one I couldn’t help but not delete and let linger in my inbox for a few hours. There is a new procedure that is non invasive and laser beams all the fat cells from your body. It’s like having your own personal Scotty who will beam up your fat into oblivion. I was intrigued. I believe the procedure is typically a few sessions and they were offering one session for under $100 with a guarantee to permanently lose 1-2 inches. For anyone who watches Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim had this procedure done in the comfort of her home…all while chomping down a slice of pizza.

So I’m doing this thing now where I consult with my fiance on all major decisions and purchases. I guess it’s like a partnership..no one makes a deal without clueing in the other. 🙂 I’m like, hey, there is this great deal and what would otherwise cost you (notice the “You”) a fortune is only going to cost you a fraction of that if we buy within the next 21 hours! Yayy!!

I had a much warmer reception. He wasn’t as excited as I was, and ultimately the e-mail (and FABULOUS deal) was deleted from my inbox.

Since I’m an avid shopper I know a great deal like that comes around more than once. I just hope that next time for me, the deal is on!


Facing the Fat

21 Dec

I’m feeling great about posting this week. Not that there is any significant loss or gain, just good to redeem myself after skipping a week of not posting. We had a team holiday outing today and though I snacked, I only had 3 chicken wings, one tacquito, and like 6 sweet potato fries. Trust me…I could’ve done FAR more than that! This will be another tough weekend as it is Christmas and I’m going home to see family. I plan on taking my workout clothes (as usual) but hope to actually pull them out this time and umm workout! 🙂

It’s getting a little tougher to measure my stomach as my belly button isn’t as high anymore. I like to measure just around the button and it’s the only way I can be sure I’m measuring the exact location each week. My thighs are noticeably more toned, and I really can’t tell too much with my hips because they are just super wide for no reason at all times.

Stomach 36 1/2"

Hips 47 1/4"

Thigh 25 1/2"

Not so shabby this week. I still still (still) need to increase my water intake. Sometimes I just don’t drink at all until I have a meal. Mainly because I’m busy at work most days and don’t like the idea of having to use my precious minutes traveling to the restroom for a bio break. My coworker drinks water nonstop all day, and she visits the restroom equally as much!

Feeling good so far! I’m ready to head home, see my family, and open some presents!

What are your plans for the holiday Public??