Another New Year Post!

3 Jan

So the celebrations have settled and people are really digging into those resolutions they set forth just a few days ago.

I don’t really believe in NY resolutions, but judging by the attendance at my gym today, there are more than enough people who do. Should I belittle this crowd because they set a goal and are taking steps to achieve it? Probably not, granted I’m only a few weeks ahead of them on the fitness front, but its still kind of hilarious to me.

Or maybe New Years Day can be thought of as a day when the nation comes together to celebrate taking steps to life improvement. We all resolve together that this is a new set of 365 days, and there is no better time to start this change. It can be less of a resolution and more of a revolution. But would anyone else really care? Most resolutions are personal goals and seldom have anything to do with improving a group or community. Then again, as bloggers we all post our own personal goals and grievances and we still are able to find and support others with the same goals.

Maybe this resolution thing can work after all….


One Response to “Another New Year Post!”

  1. thegracefulskinny January 7, 2011 at 10:45 am #

    So very true!

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