Notice Anything??

15 Dec

I did NOT post stats this week. I know, I know!! I’ve diminished the integrity of this whole blog and everything that it stands for. I can tell you how busy I was yesterday, and how I worked until midnight, but that’s only half the truth.

The whole truth is I’m scared! I did not have a good weekend! Actually, I had a great weekend, with great regret! We went out to eat three times!! 1st to a seafood restuarant, then to an Italian restuarant, Buca di Beppo…to DIE for! And then to a popular burger joint, Twisted Root (yummy!!) Ugh, I’m so terrible (but the food was SO good!!)

I couldn’t bring myself to face the truth, the measuring tape is the epitome of truth. I’m a wimp, I can’t face it!! I can’t own up to my eating irresponsibly and not sticking to my workout regimen! But I needed this.

I needed this week to know that I don’t want to feel like this next week or ever again. Do I completely regret indulging….not completely. Do I know I could have done better? Absolutely!

The funny thing is, I was at work today and saw an article about the Biggest Loser transformations. These people lose centuries and decades of weight, and I’m merely shooting for quadranscentennial. Yet, week after week, they stepped on that scale in front of millions of viewers (half naked too in my opinion). I guess I’ll stop moaning about how wack I am for not posting this week and just face the facts.

I apologize, Public. I am human. I am weak. Therefore, I will not post my measurements this week. lol



One Response to “Notice Anything??”

  1. Founder of Changesational December 16, 2010 at 6:09 am #

    I think December is such a busy time of year, that if you don’t post, that’s okay! Re your weight loss efforts – hang in there!! I think you sound pretty level headed about it all and seem to have a balanced approach.
    I do want to send my encouragement to you also – you can do it!
    By the way,thanks for commenting on my freshly pressed post the other week. I appreciated it!
    If it is any help to you, my weight loss ebook (full of tips,inspiration and all those things!) is on sale for $3.99 right now. I just mention it because it has way more info than I can offer in this comment!

    Good luck with all your endeavours. I know it’s hard,but I think we’re all capable of reaching our goals – stick at it and you’ll get there! Oh and …happy christmas, to you, too.:)


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