You’re All Invited

17 Nov

Well, I wish that was the case!

Wedding planning is progressing quite well at the moment. We’ve booked a venue, chosen a caterer, selected the wedding colors, and met with photographers. And we’re still just under a year out!

The next thing to do is pick some wedding invitations. Our wedding colors (tentatively as I change my mind OFTEN) are black, white, and deep blue. I’m still debating on whether or not to send save-the-dates, but really, when else in our lives will we be able to create magnets with photos of ourselves and send to 120 people?! My wedding guides say to send save-the-dates as soon as we feel. I’ve been searching the net for inspiration, but there are SO many designs to choose from! We don’t have a theme yet, I don’t know if we will have one at all.

Our guest list is at 120 now, and I don’t think we’ll go over. We actually brought the list down from 150 to save on our budget..which is of course, not very much. I’m really all over the place with these invites but here are some that I really like so far


Etsy - Modern Formal

I like the style on this one, butI would customize to our colors. These are at and are $6.50 for assembled and $4.50 for DIY. - Signature of Love Invites

I like the simpleness of these, and that I can completely customize all the colors. These are $3.15 for the pocket invitations and envelopes.

Sooo, that’s all I have so far! 🙂 Help me out Public, where are you looking to find or where did you get your wedding invitations? (and how much! :))



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