I Would WorkOUT But…

4 Nov

I’m not making excuses, but um..It’s cold outside!! That’s not stopping us from getting in some exercise, but we’ve made the decision to invest in a gym. We’re trying to keep our costs low with the new house and saving for the wedding, but we can’t deny the weather is hindering us from getting and staying out as much as we’d like.

We have a few choices:

Theres the ultra-gym around the corner with all the bells and whistles. A parking lot big enough for a stadium and its filled every single day. I heard it has a pool, a rock climbing wall, a spa, racquetball…the list goes on. I’m sure it’s at least more than $50/month and I’d probably never use all of those unnecessary amenities.

The next is a 24 hour gym we can go to pretty much anytime we’d like. They have some personal trainers, one bathroom per sex, a good assortment of workout equipment, and it’s pretty empty for the most part. The only drawback is there are no group exercise classes and you’re pretty much on your own. The membership is modestly priced at about under $40/month.

The final choice came to us by chance in a mailer to our house. It’s a family oriented gym that has a child care services, (I don’t have kids, but rather have the kiddos tucked off in a room somewhere than running around the equipment), some free group exercise classes, a theater room (as they call it, but I think they just have some 55″ screens up somewhere. This is the best bargain because it is only $10/month. I’ve seen a few gyms like this that are advertised at such low rates, then when you call about membership, your monthly rate is determined by how many times a week you’re “allowed” to attend the gym. So I’m hoping that’s not the case with this gym.

All and all, these places accomplish the same thing–which is an environment conducive to pushing, pulling, and running on these electrical doo-dads to melt some inches off our bods.

We’re going to check them all out this weekend, but of course I’d like to hear from the Public!

Which would you choose and why?


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