I’m Back!!

27 Oct

Yay! 🙂

We closed on the house on Thursday and started the moving in process. We’ve gotten all the big boxes unpacked and now its all about getting organized and putting all the pieces of our new life together. I have to say, the buying a house process is NOT for the weak. I’m extremely happy we went through the process when we did, just another testament of what we can do and get through together.

We are first time homebuyers…funny how some people we were working with through this process seemed to forget! Long story short, we ended up spending about $2,500 more at closing than we anticipated. So there went my dress money!!!!! Just when I got over the tears and convinced myself the investment in the home far outweighs the investment in a dress I will wear for 6 hours…Priscilla of Boston (dream dress headquarters) sent me an eMail advertising their sample sale event going on the next day!! *le sigh*

On to things I now have control over…

I love my new neighborhood and there is a park in walking distance –really far walking 🙂 Since we don’t have an apartment gym anymore, majority of our workouts are going to be outside. I’ve been looking online to get some outdoor exercise ideas and thought of no better source to look than the Public!!

So listen up Public. I’m back, and I’m ready to get this business in full effect. Send me some outdoor workout ideas and I’ll start them up tonight!!


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