This Isn’t Going to be so Easy…

10 Oct

So I’m starting to think.

It’s really pretty easy if you think about it, just putting one foot in front of the other. I did okay last week. Worked out twice, which is twice more than normal.

Today we decided to walk to the store, instead of driving. It gave us two purposes, working out and taking care of shopping for some essentials. The best part of it was, I had no choice but to continue. Being just over a mile away from home there wasn’t an alternative to get on the machine for 4 minutes, and jump off because I didn’t feel like it any longer. If I wanted to get back home…I’d have to walk there.

Should really do that more often.

Oh, and at the butt of it all, is the wedding planning. When does this get fun?? Venue is almost selected, and chances are, it’s going to be an adults only reception. There is already some rumbling from the future in-laws on the “troubles” this will cause…and I’m not entirely sure if that matters to me or not at this point. There will be an open bar, and a night time reception. Since when do those two spell “kid friendly”??

I’m pretty sure stress gain is not conducive to weight loss…


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